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Keya Seth Product List for Exclusive Online Shopping

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Are you searching for a Keya Seth Product list with a price?

If yes, then here you will get the Keya Seth Product list with the price. Keya Seth products are available offline as well as online. So, now you can buy Keya Seth Products online.

So, read the post at the end to know more about it. Also, I have added a Product store link for online shopping. So, you can buy from an online store easily.

I will give you the price list of various Keya Seth products. I will also give you descriptions of the products.

Keya Seth Products With Price List:

There are a lot of products available from Keya Seth. You can check those products from their official site. In this post, I have shortlisted those products which are the best out of there.

Keya Seth Hair SPA & Hairfall Treatment:

Keya Seth Exclusive Absolute Hairfall Treatment:

The Keya Seth Absolute Hair Fall treatment is designed for acute hair fall.

If you are prone to hair fall, this is the ideal product for you. It is prepared with different amino acids and vitamins.

It also has a few essential oils and is blended with extracts of Korean red ginseng. Korean red ginseng inhibits the premature aging of hair.

The product repairs the damage caused by pollution. In addition, it also treats hair fall, affecting hair growth, hair dullness, etc. This is the ultimate solution for hair fall.


  • Alopex ABSOLUTE (100ml) Buy Now From Flipkart
  • Root Active Hair Vitalizer (100ml) Buy Now From Flipkart
  • Shine & Silk Volume Shampoo (200ml) Check Price

Keya Seth Hair Absolute Hair Treatment (Dandruff):

This is another version of Keya Seth Absolute Hair Treatment.

It deals primarily with dandruff problems.

If you are suffering from dandruff, go for this product.

It is known for its effective treatment of dandruff.

It cures the problem and revitalizes your hair. Also, it helps in the growth of new hair.

This is the best for curing the Dandruff problem.

You can buy it online.


  • Alopex ABSOLUTE (100ml) Buy Now From Flipkart
  • Root Active Anti-Dandruff (100ml) Buy Now From Flipkart
  • Shine & Silk Volume Shampoo (200ml) Check Price

Anti-Dandruff Treatment Keya Seth Hair Products:

This treatment consists of two products. The Shine and Silk Dandruff Removal Shampoo and Root Active Anti-dandruff Treatment are the two products.

The Shine and Silk Dandruff Removal shampoo is made up of essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, tea tree, and lemon.

It keeps the hair healthy and dandruff free. Root Active Anti-dandruff treatment is a hair fluid.

It eliminates dandruff and white flakes. The product keeps your hair nourished.


  • Root Active Anti-Dandruff (100ml) Buy Now From Flipkart
  • Shine & Silk Volume Shampoo (200ml) Check Price

Hair fall Treatment:

A great product to add to this list is the Hair fall Treatment range. This range has three products.

They are Alopex Penta, Honey Shampoo, and Hair Vitalizer. These products reduce hair fall

They help in the growth of new hair. The products reduce dandruff and make your hair smooth and shiny.


  • Alopex Penta (200ml) Buy From Flipkart
  • Honey Shampoo (200ml)
  • Hair Vitalizer (100ml)

Hair Care:

The Keya Seth Haircare range has a wide variety of products.

They are Hair Milk, Shine and Silk Spa Shampoo, hair Spa Premium, and Aromatic Spa Hair Conditioning Serum with Keratin care.

They provide your hair with the required nutrients and vitamins. Your hair becomes healthy and shiny.

They restore rough and damaged hair. The products also strengthen your hair follicles. You will get soft, smooth, and bouncy hair.

Check the Price of all Hair Care Products

Hair Nourishment:

Another product for your hair is Hair Nourishment. There are four products in this category.

These are Alopex, Root Active Hair Vitalizer, Shine, and Silk Shampoo. These products provide extra nourishment to your hair.

They repair lifeless and dull hair. They also repair split ends. The products help in the growth of new hair.

In addition, they keep the hair free of dust and pollutants.

Alopex Penta:

Alopex Penta is a product for hair treatment. It is five times more effective than normal Alopex.

The product is completely water-based, so it’s ideal even for summer.

It is made up of various essential oils, rare peptides, vitamins, and amino acids.

It stops hair fall. In addition, it also strengthens your hair and helps in hair growth.

Use this product if you are having excessive hair fall.

Keya Seth Products For Skin Care:

Pimple And Oily Skin Treatment:

There are five products in this category.

The products are Freshlook Neem Tulsi, Skin Eraser Liquid Neem, Clear Off Pack, Aromatic Neem Water Toner, and Neem Gel.

The products penetrate into your skin’s layers and give nourishment.

They control the excessive oil release and make the skin scar-free.

Regular use will make your skin acne and pimple free. Your skin will also feel smooth and soft.


  • Freshlook Neem Tulsi 100ml
  • Skin Eraser Liquid Neem (200ml)
  • Clear off Pack (200ml)
  • Aromatic Neem Water Toner (For oily skin)
  • Neem Gel

Skin Fairness Treatment:

The skin fairness treatment range is the perfect product in this category.

The products go deeper into your skin. They remove all the dead cells and make you look fairer.

They also control the excessive oil release. With regular use, you will see the results. Your skin will get brighter, fairer, and oil-free.

Tetra 4X Skin Whitening Treatment Keya Seth Night Cream:

This range contains three products. They are Skin Whitening conditioners, Serum, and Night Creams. This will make you look 4 times fairer.

They reduce melanin production. They also make your skin look soft and supple.

The products work on deeply rooted pigmentation. The products are ideal for reducing dark spots and blemishes. They keep your face hydrated all day long. Also, check Keya Seth’s face wash on their site.

Keya Seth Products For Body Care:

Body Fairness Treatment with Keya Seth Body Oil and Other Products:

Body Fairness Treatment uses three products to give you the result.

These are Aromatic Spa Conditioning Bodywash, Soft, and Smooth fairness Body Oil, and Soft and Smooth body Moist.

They moisturize your skin and prevent the damage caused by weather. The products prevent body odor.

They also make your skin soft and smooth. The products remove your fatigue. You remain energized all day.


  • Spa Wash (100ml)
  • Body Oil (200ml)
  • Body Moist (100ml)

Winter Body Care:

In winter, the Winter Body Care range from Keya Seth looks after your skin.

It has three products. These are Spa Wash, Olive Oil, and Body Moist. They retain your skin’s moisture and keep it supple.

The products reduce body odor. They even make your skin fairer. This is the ultimate product for winter care.

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About Keya Seth:

In recent times, Keya Seth products have ruled the market. Keya Seth Aromatherapy is a company with skin, hair care, and treatment products. It was founded by Keya Seth. The company was founded in 2004. Keya Seth is an aromatherapist with degrees from various reputed institutions in India and abroad.

These are products with the price for you. I hope this post was helpful to you. Thank you for reading. Share your thoughts and feedback in the ‘Comments’ section below.